MyABCM Corporate

Controlling Costs and Profitability


For large-scale implementations or those with highly complex modeling, we’ve developed MyABCM Corporate, a sophisticated software that is quick, dynamic, and versatile in its analysis of costs and profitability for your organization.

Using this tool, which has unique characteristics designed to handle large volumes of data, high complexity, multiple languages, multi-geographic modeling and 100% web-based architecture among other things, you can share your company´s cost and profit model with affiliates and offices in other countries or offices that use other languages. In addition to this, MyABCM Corporate is both versatile and user-friendly.


Use your company’s available IT resources with maximum efficiency. This option features ultra-quick processing 100% on the web, enabling quick and secure decision-making.


You don’t have to restrict your analyses to Resources, Activities and Cost Objects; you can construct a model with an unlimited number of dimensions which will help you in terms of decision making in more heterogeneous and complex modeling environments.


Construct and analyze the same model simultaneously with your counterparts located in other countries who speak different languages without having to replicate the database – thereby consolidating information and gaining efficiency.


Make analyses involving all the business rules of your model – beginning with Product per Market and extending to all the contributing items, accounts, processes and areas.


Conduct basic and advanced graphic analyses.


You can perform your 100% web analyses using any device including a Desktop, Laptop, Smartphone or Tablet – all come complete with the appropriate security and permissions for every user.


Collect data from various users in your organization via the web. Consolidate this data and load it later into the production model.


Connect MyABCM data to Corporate BI. Access the data from the model you’ve developed through any external tool such as Tableau, Qlik, PowerBI, MicroStrategy, Cognos and others.


Create and analyze the graphics panels with this interactive tool.

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MyABCM Express

Cost and profit analysis software for small-scale implementations.

MyABCM Corporate

Cost and profit analysis software for large-scale implementations.

MyABCM Enterprise

Cost and profit analysis software for medium-scale implementations.

MyABCM Partner’s License

Cost and profit analysis software for