Control spending with the pieces, artistic and educational programs, productions, national and international tours and the annual hearing profitability analysis.

During its 35 years of existence, the Steppenwolf Theater has been a reference in stage performance and scenography, with several famous names of the theater such as Gary Sinise, John Malkovich and Terry Kinney having started their careers there. Featuring innovative productions, the theater has received the National Medal of Arts and 12 Tony Awards, making it a legendary institution.

Since it is a non-profit organization which counts on community support to produce roughly 16 works and 700 performances each year, the theater needed greater control over its costs, including more precision and detail to enable it to make important strategic decisions.

This project was implemented by Gary Cokins, founder and CEO of Performance Management LLC, a partner of MyABCM in the United States, which is one of the largest strategic cost and profit management specialists in the world.

Now the theater can better understand exactly where it’s spending its money and accurately measure the profitability of its plays, artistic and educational programs, and productions, as well as its national and international tours which have an audience of almost 200,000 people.